National Trust consults Circle of Life Rediscovery

National Trust got in touch because they are driving a new campaign about connecting young people to nature.  This is a short extract from an article I wrote for them:

The question “what motivates people to care about the nature world” has been a theme to my life and my work.

I believe the most effective solution to motivating people to care about nature is to give as many people as much opportunity as possible to experience the natural world directly. In David Attenborough’s words, “No one will protect what they don’t care about; and no one will care about what they have never experienced”.   Where are most of the young people? In schools! The fastest way to affect change would be to address the curriculum, and the training of teachers.

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The Secret Garden Outdoor Nursery

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On this blog we want to feature some of the people and projects which inspire us. We came across The Secret Garden Outdoor Nursery years ago in a Guardian article about early years education. It’s based in Scotland and the pre-school children spend all day, whatever the weather, outside playing in the woods. The nursery has a lovely website which is worth a look at and Cathy Bache (founder of the nursery) writes eloquently:

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School Farms

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We just heard about this conference all about helping schools run their own farms and it caught our interest. It’s run by the School Farms Network on 5th-6th October 2012 in Banbury, Oxfordshire. The organisers say it is aimed at “schools considering starting to rear any kind of livestock, and for anyone interested in raising standards through the beneficial effects of farming in education.”

There are 82 school farms in the UK. We’re impressed!

You can find out all about the conference from Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens.


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