The Value of Nature Connection

In 1992, during the Rio Earth Summit, I was a 23 year old student at Manchester Polytechnic  in my final year studying Environmental Management, and co-running Friends of the Earth Rainforest Group.  We stood outside the DIY stores with our banners, letting people know about the destruction of the rainforests! It’s hard to imagine that this was 20 years ago.

Today it seems, we aren’t much wiser in our behaviour and understanding of the importance of nature – why is this?

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Call of the Wild

Over the last 3 years we have reached over 2000 young people and families across woodland days, teenage camp, youth training and leadership programmes, forest schools and family days. Our flagship projects, Call of the Wild and Earthwise, were funded under Natural England’s Access to Nature Grant and MIND’s Ecominds Grant and raised over £160,000 towards creating outdoor opportunities for the most disadvantaged groups in our society. The results show that this kind of work leads to better health and well-being, more opportunities, a greater sense of community and respect.

CAMHS Staff Meeting Day Feedback

Circle of Life Rediscovery have been working with CAMHS over the past few years. This is the feedback from the staff from CAMHS at last meeting. Share your thoughts on outdoor learning.

What do you think are the benefits of this type of work for young people & families?

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