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It’s goodbye February and hello March!

That’s right, soon the blustery months of winter will be gone and seem like a distant memory!

I am welcoming March with open arms, I can’t wait for the beautiful Daffodils and Snow Drops to come out and bloom. There’s something very peaceful and welcoming about March, like it’s a fresh start to life. I always think the New Year starts in March, when the lambs are born, when the flowers and blossom comes out. It’s a very significant part of the year. It’s a time to forget the dreary months of winter (although Winter does have its perks) and step into Spring with a new outlook on life.

I am starting to discover the first signs of Spring in my garden. Hidden away underneath some twigs I found a beautiful purple flower, this made me pretty excited as before we had no sign of any flowers in my garden up until now!

Blossoming Flower

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