“I’m a Forest School Leader!” – Forest School Training

Guest Blog from Lynne, a participant on Circle of Life Rediscovery’s most recent Forest School Level 3 Training.

Mixed feelings swirling around after finishing the practical and theory sessions on Circle of Life Rediscovery’s Level 3 Forest school training.

I’m sitting in an office longing to be back in the woods, making rope swings, playing wild and crazy games, poking through owl pellets for skulls and hip bones, learning about the importance of play and movement on brain development. I want to be marvelling at tree tapping, leaf printing and clamp kiln making, singing harmonious community songs as we go. I miss creating fire and using a bow saw and being reminded how to use a very sharp knife safely to make buttons and jewellery and mobiles out of wood. I yearn to drink tea made from fresh nettles, poured from an enormous kettle which has been hissing on the village fire, warming my body after rolling around in mud and leaves tracking and hiding and learning camouflage. To have that feeling of being sense-alert and free and natural.

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Welcome all, to the slightly late March blog… which is being uploaded in April so one could argue that this is an April blog- lucky you, getting two blogs in one month! *jumps for joy*

First and foremost, I believe a ‘Happy Easter’ message is needed- HAPPY EASTER! I hope you had a good Easter/bank holiday. And that you all had a relaxing time, full of peace, joy, happiness and not to mention CHOCOLATE!

Easter always brings joy to me ever since I was a little kid. Easter Sunday is the day when my parents, like most others, would without fail put on an Easter egg hunt in the garden – Come rain or shine!


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