Hi-Ho Hi-Ho Off To Camp We Go…

First off I would like to apologise for such a late blog, so many things have happened recently in my life that I’ve just had no time to update my blog with my recent tales! I thought you all should know I am typing this from my balcony in Ciovo, Croatia- the view is absolutely beautiful, I’m currently watching someone water their Orange trees- if only we had these views in England! I cannot wait to share with you all my next blog which will all be about Croatia. But for now, back to England!!

Here is my long awaited blog that I’ve been super excited about writing for a couple of months now purely because it was a new experience for me and I’m very excited to share it with you all….CAMPING!! Yes, that’s right folks at the end of May, CAMHS in partnership with Circle of Life Rediscovery did our first ever overnight camping trip in Powder Mill Woods in Battle. Not only was it the first ever camping trip for CAMHS, but it’s also the first ever time I’ve camped before.

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