Advanced Connection Practices: Healing the Hoop of Life:

Indigenous Ceremony

can cure modern “Dis-ease”

People from all walks of life are becoming more aware that we are trapped in an ever darkening shadow of modern life. From the time of our birth we’ve been program to disconnect from what is truly important and fulfilling in life. Our childhood education institutions take us out of nature and guide us to suppress our true selves, ensuring that we fit the societal mold. We learn from a system which ensures diminished creativity, vitality, and fulfillment – we are taught that material gain is more important. Through this process we become slaves to a system that is unsustainable and highly destructive. Many of us have grown up to work at faceless jobs perusing elusive fulfillment; grasping for comfort of the material world only to find the gratification is temporary. I frequently hear statements about how we all seem to be stuck in endless pattern which appear hopeless. This is a system of disconnection.

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Photographical Significance

Grab your wellies, make that hot chocolate and light that fire because… AUTUMN IS HERE!!

I’m super excited. In my opinion Autumn/Winter are the best seasons out there but hands down, Autumn tops off all the seasons by far. Don’t get me wrong, each season has something unique to give and provide, but overall Autumn just reigns supreme!

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