The Benefits Of Being Brought Up Outdoors.

I felt as if I were an unwilling accomplice to torture. Echoes of the victim’s screams rang off the varnished walls. The door tight shut though it was, could not block the cries of panic. A baby, alone and imprisoned in a cot.

The baby’s mother was visibly disturbed too, pale, and tearful. She was a victim herself, preyed on by exponents of controlled crying, or Ferberisation – that pitiless system, cruel to them both.

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Learning with Nature: A how to guide to inspiring children through outdoor games and activities

Order your copy now: £17.99 plus p.p (please email if buying from outside the UK for shipping costs)

Authors: Marina Robb; Anna Richardson & Victoria Mew.

Learning with Nature Book

Learning with Nature Book

Learning with Nature is aimed at inspiring and supporting adults to get outdoors with young people aged 3 to 16 years old.

The book offers over 100 games and activities that connect people with the natural world at little or no cost to themselves.

It includes sections on: caretaking, games, activities through the seasons, wild facts, tool safety, survival and wild foraging.

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How many plant species can you I.D.?