Spring is on its way

Spring, Easter, Holiday.
Lying down in the field enjoying the sun, longer days, barbecues, juicy fruits on their ways, salads, long walk on sunny days, runs during sunset, the smell of blossom in the air… What does your brain come up when spring is coming?


The sunshine shining, bringing warm days, flowers and buds release the smell of spring. Everywhere green and other bright colours are slowly taking over the natural landscape.
Winter has come to an end and we feel the need to embrace the outdoors, to take a break from our cosy lounge and TV programmes. Spring is the time of the year when everything is coming alive again and there are so many things to rediscover. Open your window in the morning, enjoy listening to the birds singing while enjoying the breeze of cool air.


Spot lambs and new born rabbits running in the fields, meditate on bluebells covering the woods, tantalise your taste buds with some wild pesto. (Recipe at the bottom of the page).


Spring also means Easter break and a chance to relax and enjoy the outdoors with your family. Relax while learning some practical skills and knowledge about your local environment. What else? Join our Family Woodland Day if you fancy starting spring the right way, the natural way.

If you feel that your kids should be outside while having fun and learning amazing things and new skills in the woods, find out about our Easter Woodland Days where we will be learning how to make shelters and build fires.

To celebrate the end of Spring, join our Family Camp in the beautiful Sussex countryside at the end of May. Leave your phones, computers and watches at home, relax with your family and sink into nature. Activities and games for all the family to enjoy together.


The Wild Pesto Recipe:

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How to:

  • Gather wild garlic you can find it most of woods, you will also be able to smell it. Wash and chop it.
  • Toast some pine nuts
  • Grate some parmesan.
  • Squeeze a bit of lemon.
  • Blend using a mincer, adding nuts or seeds, salt and olive oil.

Easy and deliciously fresh and natural, eat as a pate on bread or crackers or serve with pasta.

Caution: Positive identification of wild garlic is essential, as it could be confused with the poisonous leaves of young lords and ladies (arum lily).


Hemingway and the Environment.

Reduction in Roaming Radius

Hemingway described in his book The Sun Also Rises published in 1926, three years before the Great Depression, how people go bankrupt, “Gradually, then suddenly”.

Does it make you think about anything else?

When I read about the economic application of this quote, which has been first coined by Rudiger Dornbusch, “the crisis takes a much longer time coming than you think, and then it happened much faster that you would have thought”, I thought about environmental issues today. We still have to decide in which part of the quote we are currently living, is the crisis still slowly developing or are we in the process of enduring a great and rapid change in our environment.

There is a common phenomenon that often occurs in our houses and that illustrates perfectly this quote. Imagine you are reading a book in your house, everything is calm, no one is in the house, you are just reading on the sofa the great The Sun Also Rises. Suddenly, an old book that you have not touched for ages fall from the top of your bookshelf, taking you by surprise. When it happened to me, the only reasonable explanation that I found was that, the book must have been sliding down really slowly, until it fell causing surprise and a small distress.

That it is exactly what is currently happening with the environment, our attitudes toward the environment is slowly taking us down a route leading to a catastrophe.

The second interesting point made by this quote, is the question of perception. The Human mind is not rational and understands and perceives things according to a certain narrative. This narrative is influenced by different sources of power such as the media, governments, social movements etc… If we are not actively working on changing the narrative that states that the environmental crisis is still far away, we are going straight into the wall.

The most important point made by this quote maybe, is that it underlines the necessity to generate change before the crisis reaches the point of no return, the moment the crisis “happens much faster than you would have thought”.

To make sure we generate change and future generation perpetuate this change, education is needed that is why we provide courses to connect with Nature.

Whose Tracks? Answers here!

Did you have fun with the kids guessing who made the tracks on our recent activity sheet?

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Need Easter holiday ideas? Why not come along to our family day on 7th April. Fun in the woods for the entire family including games, activities and crafts. Take some time out and connect with nature, inspire your children and most importantly – have fun!