2014 Forest School Leadership Training – Participant Feedback

Circle of Life Rediscovery offers Forest School Programme Leadership at it’s best!  We bring together years of experience of working with young people outdoors combined with a great understanding of how to build their self-esteem, resiliance and a long-lasting appreciation of the natural world.

Please find below short interviews with past participants:

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Jingle All The Way!

Ho, Ho, Ho!!

It’s that time of year again- Christmas and the festive time is very much upon us once again! Is it just me, but I’m sure Christmas comes round faster and faster each year?! So weird to think that this time in THREE days time it’ll be Christmas Day and no doubt right now- all of you will be laying on the sofa, about to burst from all food and drink you’ve devoured! We’ll let that one slide though- it’s Christmas!! (as the seemingly classic saying goes)


*Insert stereotypical christmas tree decoration photo here*

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Photographical Significance

Grab your wellies, make that hot chocolate and light that fire because… AUTUMN IS HERE!!

I’m super excited. In my opinion Autumn/Winter are the best seasons out there but hands down, Autumn tops off all the seasons by far. Don’t get me wrong, each season has something unique to give and provide, but overall Autumn just reigns supreme!

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CAMHS Camp participant feedback…

CAMHS Camp May 2013

What have you enjoyed about the camp?

  • “The thing I’ve most enjoyed about the last two days in spending time with your friends and not your family, so you’re going out into the forest and having all this free space and free time and you don’t have to worry about any of the stress at home, or whatever it is going through your mind. You just come to the forest, open, new space, and be with your friends, be with people that you like and can enjoy time with and just have a good time.”
  • “I’ve really enjoyed making fires. Thats what I really like. It’s nice to get together with people that I know and that I don’t know. It’s been a really nice experience. I’ve never camped out in the woods before! So I was quite nervous about when it got dark, but it wasn’t as scary as I thought!”
  • “Fire making, cooking the food, playing the games, going to see the badger sets and just hanging out with others!”

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Jonathan Porritt at the South Downs National Park Conference

Jonathan Porritt has spent over 30 years or more caring for nature and finding ways to support healthy economies, educational and natural systems.

Edited from Jonathan Porritt’s speech at the South Downs National Park Outdoor learning conference March 2013:

“Most of my world is spent talking about great, big, abstract issues, and sometimes they’re lumped under the framework of sustainable development, sometimes under environment, sometimes under green politics, whatever it might be. Big, abstract, conceptual ways of looking at the world. The difficulty about this is that it can so often miss the mark when you try to explain what it really means!

I have two big things I would like to talk about today:

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Forest School and Environmental Education Training Level 3

The 1st – 5th October kicked off Circle of Life Rediscovery’s  Forest School and Environmental Education Level 3 training with a group of 14 enthusiastic individuals, ready and eager to learn about the Forest School ethos and more about outdoor learning at Bentley Wildfowl. The group gathered on Monday morning bright eyed and raring to go.

Want to hear their feedback? Here are just some of the responses…

What have you most enjoyed about this training?

Everything! An amazing team of experts, I have learnt so much, skills and about myself.

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Bentley Woodfair

We spent the weekend in the woods at Bentley, running a stall to let people know what Circle of Life Rediscovery is up to. The woodland has never seen so many people on the glorious sunny Saturday! It was thriving and the atmosphere was wonderful. We sat around a campfire making teas and coffees for visitors, talking about our woodland programs, forest school agendas, outdoor education and the ethos of Circle of Life. Children came and sat, mesmerized by the fire, and learnt Bush craft skills which involved foraging. Everyone ended up with a beautiful dream-catcher!

We ran an activity where we asked people to write what they thought was pants about being indoors, and tops about being outdoors. These were then hung on our washing line! Here are some of the best quotes:

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