Volunteer Feedback from 2012

Why did you volunteer?

  • For the experience, and I wanted to contribute.
  • I am very interested in conversation. I read about CLR and thought it sounded amazing and worthwhile. I wanted to volunteer for the project. I would like to eventually work in this area, and thought this would be a really good experience.
  • To gain experience working with children.

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National Trust consults Circle of Life Rediscovery

National Trust got in touch because they are driving a new campaign about connecting young people to nature.  This is a short extract from an article I wrote for them:

The question “what motivates people to care about the nature world” has been a theme to my life and my work.

I believe the most effective solution to motivating people to care about nature is to give as many people as much opportunity as possible to experience the natural world directly. In David Attenborough’s words, “No one will protect what they don’t care about; and no one will care about what they have never experienced”.   Where are most of the young people? In schools! The fastest way to affect change would be to address the curriculum, and the training of teachers.

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10 First Aid Facts to know before taking your first summer hike! – Guest blog


Hiking is a great way to get in some exercise, enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors and get some fresh air. It also helps kids to learn about the environment and life sciences while getting them off of the couch and away from the electronic devices that so many kids are attached to. Like most activities, however, it’s not without its share of risks. In order to ensure that everyone on your hiking trip returns in good shape, these are 10 of the first aid facts relevant to hiking that each member of your party should know.

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