Kate Macairt

Kate Macairt

Kate Macairt is an experienced Play Therapist and Child Counsellor who has been working with children and young adults for over 10 years as Therapist and previously 15 years as Teacher. Her background is in Expressive Arts Education and her interest in the significance of the creative instinct led her to research creativity and its connection to well-being and academic achievement as part of a Masters in Education. The discovery of Play Therapy persuaded her to re-train and she moved from Creative Teacher to Creative Play Therapist. Kate’s passion and love of Mother Nature and spending time outside has infiltrated into her role as a Teacher of Art and Play Therapist.

Kate supports the Forest School and Outdoor Education movement and she has worked for Circle of Life Rediscovery for several years.

She helps facilitate at North Devon Forest School, and together with Ali Chown is a founder of the Collaboration of Outdoor Play Therapists. (COOPT). Kate has been a freelance Senior Course Director for Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy for 10 years teaching the Post graduate Diploma in Play Therapy. She founded Creative Spark in 2009 which provides Creative Therapy, SandPlay Therapy, Training and Clinical Supervision.

Kate has been Key Speaker at the first Play Therapy Conference in Indonesia (2015). She has provided a number of public workshops on Power of Play in S.E Asia (2015, 2016) and Land Play training in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia in Autumn 2017. She has facilitated creative outdoor workshops in France (at Tariki Buddhist Centre), Spain (Play Is The Way Conference 2017) and UK in Ireland and England.

Kate is an experienced teacher working with children of all ages including adults! Her extensive clinical experience with clients has focused her understanding of the impact of the creative process on emotional well-being. Kate’s affinity with the natural environment and combining creativity with therapeutic practice continues to develop. Recent research into the importance of sensory experience for healthy brain growth has led her to work more intensely with CLR to develop courses which utilise the benefits of outdoor spaces and provide training courses which focus on deepening understanding of behaviour.

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