CAMHS Camp participant feedback…

CAMHS Camp May 2013

What have you enjoyed about the camp?

  • “The thing I’ve most enjoyed about the last two days in spending time with your friends and not your family, so you’re going out into the forest and having all this free space and free time and you don’t have to worry about any of the stress at home, or whatever it is going through your mind. You just come to the forest, open, new space, and be with your friends, be with people that you like and can enjoy time with and just have a good time.”
  • “I’ve really enjoyed making fires. Thats what I really like. It’s nice to get together with people that I know and that I don’t know. It’s been a really nice experience. I’ve never camped out in the woods before! So I was quite nervous about when it got dark, but it wasn’t as scary as I thought!”
  • “Fire making, cooking the food, playing the games, going to see the badger sets and just hanging out with others!”

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Opening Speech, Call of the Wild

The introductory speech for the launch of the film Call of the Wild:

Written by Emma, a young person who participated in the project.

I’ve been asked to write a speech today about the woodland projects in partnership with CAMHS and Circle of Life Rediscovery.

I want to share with you what these woodland projects mean to me. The over-riding feeling that I get when being in the woods is FREEDOM. I’m sure I’m not the only person that feels this way. It’s getting that chance to be who you really are, may that be random and loud or shy and quiet. The woodland brings out the absolute best in people, that’s what I love the most.

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A Poem, for you.

A poem written by a young woman who participated in the Call of the Wild project about her year, 2012.

The end of 2012 is fast approaching,

could this have been the worst year yet?

So much has happened…

So many laughs yet so many tears,

so many positives, yet so many negatives.

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