Silver Birch - Happy International Day of Forests
International Day of Forests The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 21st March – Spring Equinox as the International Day of the Forests in 2012. A time of equal day and night, the plants for the past 6 weeks (at least) have been responding to the change in light – and if you have been feeling better, it is likely to do with the change in light. For those of us lucky enough to work in
Children's Mental Health Week
Nature-based Practice & Green Care We know that access to nature is not equal for everyone. The statistics are pretty stark – One in eight households has no access to a private or shared garden and this is particularly likely to be true of people living in urban areas – for example, 21% of Londoners do not have a garden. If you have a long-term illness or condition, it gets worse. (Natural England, 2020d). We
Four Directions Workshop - The Medicine Wheel

November 29, 2022

Four Directions Workshop

Four Directions Workshop  The Four Directions Online Workshop is a six week program for anyone who wishes to deepen their connection to nature and soul. The group will meet once a week for 2.5 hours and there will be solo explorations in nature between group meetings. People in any profession and any stage of life will find this workshop of value as an in-depth application of eco-psychology and as an opportunity for personal growth. What
Forest Kindergarten
Benefits of Forest Kindergarten Forest Kindergarten Level 3 – Local Nature Play  Forest Kindergarten Level 3 – Local Nature Play provides the complete foundation for early-year practitioners who want to work in nature with groups of early-year learners. Forest Kindergarten training is modelled on a Forest School approach and is based around child-centred learning through play in the Early Years. With a Forest Kindergarten Level 3 Training qualification, you can take young children on frequent
Forest Kindergarten - Growing Together
Forest Kindergarten – Growing Together By Louise Hack  Our children are growing up in a society with many different and complex experiences, social media playing one part in all of this. I find myself pondering…what do we really want for our children? What helps children thrive and grow? Has this really changed from long ago? Recent events have thrown a huge ‘reflective’ curveball and has made many of us stop, think, reflect and question what
Your Questions Answered
Nature-based Practice – Your questions answered If you’re thinking about taking groups of people, young and old, outdoors in 2022, then the Certificate in Nature-Based Practice is the best place to start your training. It’s a big decision to invest in an online training course. You want to be sure it is worth your time. So today, I’m going to answer some of your questions: Do I need experience of working with people outdoors? No,
Nature Based Practice
How and where to start your nature-based practice training Have you noticed the increasing popularity of outdoor learning, green care provision and eco-therapy? Think about it for a moment. We’ve seen an upsurge in nature-based initiatives, particularly in education and healthcare.  For instance, schools have started incorporating outdoor learning sessions into the curriculum to stimulate positivity and accomplishment. Elsewhere therapists and counsellors are moving tricky conversations out of therapy rooms and into green places. Here,
Local Nature Play
Forest Kindergarten – Local Nature Play The child’s right to be a child, By Marina Robb     Children are by nature curious and playful.  There is a reason for that.  Self-directed exploration and play are how they learn.  Children were designed by nature to educate themselves by playing and exploring. I was fortunate enough to meet Juliet Robertson at the South Downs Outdoor Learning Conference in 2016.  We had both tried to find each