Visions and Values

Circle of Life Rediscovery has two main functions:

To provide nature based experiences to restore people’s relationship with the natural world.
To collaborate with like-minded people and organisations to influence a change in cultural, personal and environmental values.

Our mission and why we exist:

We provide outdoor experiences that connect individuals with nature and the wider community.
More specifically this includes:

  • Challenging dominant attitudes and philosophies that require fresh thinking
  • Supporting our connections to other people, friends, family and the people we work with
  • Providing rich learning experiences and seeking new developments in curriculum
  • Capturing what people have to offer, so they realise we all are important to society
  • Appreciating our beautiful surroundings and understanding our place in Nature and the world
  • Working collaboratively with like-minded partners to influence a change in cultural values.

Through this approach we all develop a sense of purpose and belonging. By teaching life and practical skills, we encourage social responsibility, and build resilient relationships that culminate in healthy communities.
Why is a reconnection to nature so important?

    There is growing need for humans to place greater value on Nature. The earth and all the species are under threat from non-regenerative and disconnected human behaviour. We need human law to be in line with natural law. We have a significant care-taking role, a responsibility we need to embrace, and all children now and in the future have a right to inherit a healthy natural world.

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