FoRestful Forest Bathing Wellbeing Days for Health Workers

Take a break. Immerse your team in nature… Reduce Stress. Recharge. Reconnect

FoRestful Forest Bathing wellbeing days for health workers allow you to take time out, escape the pressures of everyday hospital life, slow down and rebalance. 

Your gentle and nurturing day combines:


  • Valuable self-care tools
  • Forest Bathing
  • Simple seasonal foraging and creative crafting
  • Creative activities
  • Nature connection
  • Time around a fire
Forest Recharge Crafting

What is Forest Bathing and Nature Restoration?

Forest bathing is a practise that started in Japan as a form of eco-therapy. Practitioners draw on the therapeutic power of connecting people with nature to improve health and wellbeing.

Why should health workers take part?

Research shows that Forest Bathing and nature connection practices help health workers to: 


  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Lower cortisol levels
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Lower heart rate
  • Boost immune system function
  • Improve empathy
  • Stimulate creative thinking

What can my health care team expect from the session?

Simple, guided practices to help you connect more deeply with yourself and nature.

Sessions include:


  • Gentle walking
  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Seasonal foraging
  • Creative crafting and ‘invitations’ 


Book a FoRestful Forest Bathing Wellbeing Day for your health care team

Take a break. Immerse your team nature… Reduce Stress. Recharge. Reconnect

Your questions answered

What is nature connection practice?

forestful days

At Circle of Life Rediscovery, we work with core routines of nature connection.

These include sit-spots, expanding our senses, story of the day, questioning and tracking, animal forms & body learning, wandering, unstructured time, caretaking, survival living, mapping, bird language and gratitude.

Does Forest Bathing involve swimming?

No. The sometimes confusing name is a translation from the Japanese ‘Shinrin Yoku’. We remain fully clothed (with the option to go barefoot) and bathe in the forest atmosphere.

Do I need any experience?

No. We’ll guide you through everything

Do I need any special equipment or clothing?

No. You’ll need to wear comfortable clothing suitable for the weather and footwear that can manage uneven ground. As sessions are slow-paced, we suggest bringing an extra layer. We provide seating pads for sitting meditations.

Do I need to be fit?

Forest Bathing is a slow-paced walk with some in-situ meditations. It is not a hike. You will need to be fit enough to be outdoors for the session length. There are periods when we stand still. If you find this uncomfortable, you can lean against a tree or sit on the ground. If you have any concerns about health and fitness, please get in touch.

Do you Forest Bathe in all weather?

Almost. The aim and joy of forest bathing are to engage in nature in her fullness. The woods are rather magical in the rain. Sessions will not run if it’s dangerous to do so, for example, in high winds or thunderstorms.

Is Forest Bathing a summer-only activity?

Sessions run year-round. One of the joys of forest bathing is witnessing the seasons’ changing and noticing the beauty in all.

Is the session accessible?

It will depend on the session and the route. Please contact us to check. Trails may not be suitable for wheelchair access off the beaten track in the woods.

Where do FoRestful Forest Bathing Wellbeing Days for health care workers take place?

FoRestful days take place at our stunning woodland site in Mill Woods, near Laughton, East Sussex, BN8 6BP

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*We’re adhering to Government guidelines and social distance rules. Please see our Covid Protocol document for full details.