Long Time, No Blog!

Have I got an abundance and a half of news to share with you all.

Summer is here. College is finished forever and I’ve bagged myself a new job, in one of my all time favourite shops! What could be better? Maybe this is life beginning to look up for me!


perhaps I gazed at these Chinese lanterns long enough for good fortune to come my way

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2K14 Has Arrived…

Greetings fellow bloggers,

Happy New Year!!

I hope you’ve all kicked off 2K14 with a bang! We’re nearing the end of January now and the ‘New Year’ feeling has pretty much almost worn off now. Funny how we’re only a month into the New Year, yet it feels like it has been so much longer! Guaranteed the British weather contributes to that sullen atmosphere, that has been experienced this month! This time last year the UK was covered in a pretty, white blanket of cold, fluffy snow yet January 2014 has been wet, wet, wet!! (and well, pretty damn miserable).

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Jingle All The Way!

Ho, Ho, Ho!!

It’s that time of year again- Christmas and the festive time is very much upon us once again! Is it just me, but I’m sure Christmas comes round faster and faster each year?! So weird to think that this time in THREE days time it’ll be Christmas Day and no doubt right now- all of you will be laying on the sofa, about to burst from all food and drink you’ve devoured! We’ll let that one slide though- it’s Christmas!! (as the seemingly classic saying goes)


*Insert stereotypical christmas tree decoration photo here*

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Bonfires, Bangers and Brighton!

Greetings fellow bloggers,

Hope you’re all well and enjoying the changing seasons wherever you may be in the world. The warm and inviting colors of Autumn are beginning to fade as the last of Autumn’s leaves fall to the ground. Really highlights how fast the seasons, and ultimately life passes by!


Am already missing the Autumnal tones…

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Photographical Significance

Grab your wellies, make that hot chocolate and light that fire because… AUTUMN IS HERE!!

I’m super excited. In my opinion Autumn/Winter are the best seasons out there but hands down, Autumn tops off all the seasons by far. Don’t get me wrong, each season has something unique to give and provide, but overall Autumn just reigns supreme!

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Sun, Sand and Colonia: Tales of Croatia

Hello Everyone!

Em here with my monthly blog! Can you believe it, it’s SEPTEMBER already! Where’s the summer gone? Let’s face it, we had a dragging, long Winter but we’ve had a pretty good Summer this year-compared to summers past!

I have to admit, Summer 2013 has been one of the best Summers I’ve had since at least 2007 back in the day when I was a littleton at 13 years old (oh the cliche memories of the past). Now, ever since I was a baby I have been on holiday, every summer for two weeks may that be in the-land-of-the-scones-Devon or surfing it up in Cornwall.

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