2K14 Has Arrived…

Greetings fellow bloggers,

Happy New Year!!

I hope you’ve all kicked off 2K14 with a bang! We’re nearing the end of January now and the ‘New Year’ feeling has pretty much almost worn off now. Funny how we’re only a month into the New Year, yet it feels like it has been so much longer! Guaranteed the British weather contributes to that sullen atmosphere, that has been experienced this month! This time last year the UK was covered in a pretty, white blanket of cold, fluffy snow yet January 2014 has been wet, wet, wet!! (and well, pretty damn miserable).

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Bonfires, Bangers and Brighton!

Greetings fellow bloggers,

Hope you’re all well and enjoying the changing seasons wherever you may be in the world. The warm and inviting colors of Autumn are beginning to fade as the last of Autumn’s leaves fall to the ground. Really highlights how fast the seasons, and ultimately life passes by!


Am already missing the Autumnal tones…

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Winter Wonderland

Emma’s Monthly Blog – a Youth Participant from Circle of Life Rediscovery

2013. New Year. New Beginning. It only felt like last week that Christmas was around the corner. It’s amazing how fast time flies, January is nearly over!

I love January, there’s something about the freshness of the first month of the new year that brings a smile to my face. The air is cold. The wind is chilly. The frost is thick. Your cheeks are blushing red from the wintery air but when you come home and get out of cold,  wrap yourself up in the warm presence of a thick blanket and steaming hot chocolate, that moment truly warms my heart.

I remember when I was a little girl, my dreams of Winter would be of waking up in the morning to a thick blanket of whiteness. Yes, you know the stuff. Cold. Wet. Finger numbing…Snow! Oh, how I wanted to see snow. I remember tales from my parents about the snow back in 1963 and how it had completely covered everything for weeks on end! I needed my fill of the white stuff. Rarely would it snow when I was little, only having the odd occasion of a snow day. How times have changed!


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