Earth Education Workshop with Jon Cree

About this outdoor learning CPD course

Many people have benefited from the workshops conducted by the Institute for Earth Education (IEE) across the world since 1981.

People from a variety of backgrounds are therefore invited to attend this workshop including: rangers, wardens, teachers, youth leaders, environmental and countryside interpreters, in fact all people interested in environmental and outdoor education.

Who this outdoor learning CPD course is for?

This CPD course is for educators who want their students to connect to nature more deeply. 

Earth Education Workshop

What you will learn?

Earth education is the process of helping people of all ages live more harmoniously and joyously with the natural world.
This is done through:

  • Developing and strengthening people’s understandings of the major ecological systems and communities that support life on the planet
  • Helping people develop deep and lifelong emotional attachments to the earth and its life
  • Helping people ‘live more lightly’ by reducing their impact on the earth

IEE achieves these aims by designing and developing carefully crafted, dynamic, fun learning adventures. Earth education programmes are now run throughout the world at environmental and outdoor centres in over 12 countries

What you will gain

A clear understanding of earth education and its differences from much of environmental education.

  • First hand experience of several outdoor and indoor activities
  • Specific ways for helping learners improve their relationship with the Earth
  • Guidelines for leading earth education activities and programmes
  • Tools for developing programmes in your own setting
  • An overview of the earth education programmes and materials

Who facilitates this course?

I.E.E. accredited trainer Jon Cree will deliver this workshop.
Jon was the founding chair of the Forest School Association (FSA) UK and co-wrote The Essential Guide to Forest School & Nature Pedagogy with Circle of Life Rediscovery Director Marina Robb.

Jon Cree

On the day

The day starts at 9.30am and finishes at 5.00pm. The day will include:

  • An analysis of what makes earth education different from most environmental education
  • The whys, what’s and ways of earth education
  • Leadership guidelines and a number of activities that will help your learners improve their relationship with the planet
  • Throwaway planet – an indoor based motivating activity looking at energy/waste and our effects on other species
  • An earth walk – a light refreshing walk in the natural world focussing on the senses
  • A conceptual encounter dealing with energy flow
  • An immersing experience and a solitude activity

There is also a session looking at current earth education programmes and materials/support available.

Earth Education Workshop with Jon Cree

Earth education is the process of helping people of all ages live more harmoniously and joyously with the natural world

Next available dates

Earth Education with Jon Cree outdoor learning CPD course takes place at our stunning woodland site, located at Mill Woods, near Laughton, East Sussex, BN8 6BP.

Date: Monday 18th October 2021

Time: 9.30am – 5.00pm

Cost: £95

Why choose Circle of Life Rediscovery?

Circle of Life Rediscovery CIC has over 25 years of experience in training professionals and inspiring thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds into the outdoors in both the UK, Ireland, Portugal and SE Asia.
We are a leading organisation in nature connection and personal development. As such,we’ve received many grants and awards for our work with groups across different ages and backgrounds.
Our team also offers bespoke training. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.