CAMHS FISS Family Intensive Support Service for Learning Disabilities

Circle of Life Rediscovery’s Woodland Project offers days out in nature for families who have a child with a severe physical or learning disability, families who have a child experiencing mental health issues and 11-18 year olds who are accessing mental health services.

It’s hard to imagine a life where leaving your house is difficult, where you face living with judgement and constant levels of stress. The families that come to the Woodland Project often live with a relentless barrage of physical assault from their child, frequently lack sleep, and hold the sadness of seeing their child self harm.

The Woodland Project allows these families to spend quality time together, to relax in their natural surroundings free of distractions and judgement. Run by Circle of Life Rediscovery and Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, the project is funded solely through donations and external funding.

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We encourage families to put their worries to one side, mingle and laugh knowing that their child’s behaviour is not the focus of attention. They support young people to feel safe, move through difficult feelings, find hope and be okay with who they are.

Each family is supported by a Circle of Life Rediscovery team member and CAMHS FISS (Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service Family Intensive Support Service) member. We share food, set up family and child-led activities, provide wellbeing moments e.g head massage, and offer a range of swings, hammocks, tools for crafting and fire-making!

We expect families to see their children having many ‘firsts’, from trying new activities, being more independent and experiencing risky activities.

So far over 150 families have benefitted from The Woodland Project. Feedback from parents, families and external professionals indicates these woodland days are hugely powerful and dramatically benefit around 98% of participants.