Forest School Activities Online Training

Marina Robb has created an online training course with over 100 videos and resources, designed for teachers and practitioners who are looking for help with Forest School and Outdoor Learning activities
Cost: £297 +vat (lifetime access)

The Forest School Activities Online Training will give you the confidence and the skills to deliver sessions that will help your groups to enhance their well being and learning with greater intrinsic motivation.

Students on our Forest School Level 3 Training get a 40% discount

Forest School Activities Online Training

Our step by step video tutorials will provide you with a bumper tool kit full of tried and tested activities with health and safety advice

What's included in the Forest School Activities Online Training?

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  • Lifetime access to all 8 modules
  • 87 Video lessons covering tried and tested activities and games that are a fun way of learning through nature
  • Activities and games that are suitable for early years, primary and secondary children
  • 15 downloadable resources including Risk and Benefit Assessments for each module, Food Safety in the Outdoors, Outdoor Cooking Recipes, Safety Guide to Swings, Guide to Greenlight Plants and lots more
  • Each module includes an assessment and on completion you will be awarded a ‘Certificate of Completion’ issued by The Outdoor Teacher.
The 8 Modules

Making Fire

Module 1: Fire & Pedagogy £49.99 +vat
Module 2: Ropes & Knots £49.99 +vat
Module 3: Cooking on a Fire £49.99 +vat
Module 4: Shelters & Play £49.99 +vat
Module 5: Natural Crafts & Play £49.99 +vat
Module 6: Using Tools £49.99 +vat
Module 7: Wild Food & Foraging £49.99 +vat
Module 8: Nature Awareness Games £49.99

Save £100 and get all 8 modules for £295 +vat

Our Training Qualifies you for Forest School Liability Insurance

Birnbeck Insurance are the UK’s leading provider of specialist liability insurance for Forest School and Outdoor Learning Practitioners.

Our Forest School Activities Online Training has been approved by Birnbeck Insurance which means you will be eligible for their Forest School Liability Insurance after completing our training.

Read how can your school benefit from our Forest School Activities Training

“The Outdoor Teacher Course has enabled us as a school to train several members of staff to a high standard so that they can confidently lead woodland sessions with our young children (Nursery to Year Two). This online module based training has been affordable, flexible and relevant, whilst also ensuring we can train a wide spread of staff to be competent outdoor teachers. Our staff are taking it one module at a time and are learning together before putting each section into practice. They are also able to revisit modules as and when they want in order to refresh their knowledge.

As Headteacher, I can already see the impact this is having on the planning for this important part of our curriculum, as well as the safety aspect and involvement of the children in the sessions. We are thrilled with the learning that is coming from this training in terms of the staff and also in terms of the children who are developing their life and learning skills though our Woodland Wonders approach, something that would not have been as successful without this key work. The children are already confident with fires and have also experienced plenty of cooking over an open flame.”

Sarah Cox, Headteacher, Brook Infant School and Nursery, Crawley