Greetings fellow bloggers,

Hope you’re all well and enjoying the changing seasons wherever you may be in the world. The warm and inviting colors of Autumn are beginning to fade as the last of Autumn’s leaves fall to the ground. Really highlights how fast the seasons, and ultimately life passes by!


Am already missing the Autumnal tones…

Winter is very much beginning to set in now- I’ve certainly noticed the change in temperature, as I’m sure all you England-residing-bloggers have been too! I thank whoever came up with the invention of fingerless gloves, I can now blog yet my hands stay warm at the same time- it’s FAB! Although I’m always having people asking me “what will you do when it’s really cold?” I’ll cross that bridge when it comes to it, but for now I’m staying warm and cosy- my way!


Blowing out the candle of Autumn,
and welcoming Winter into our lives!

So November is shortly coming to a close now , we’re in the last leg of the year before the ultimate run up to the festivities of December… and frankly being even more bombarded with Christmas adverts on TV! It’s that time of year now, but don’t worry- I shan’t be talking too much about Christmas in this post! We’re still very much in November and this month began with a BANG of color and sparkles!!

“Remember, Remember the 5th of November,

Gun powder, Treason and Plot” 

That can only mean one thing… Fireworks, Bangers, Processions and Sparklers!! Now, down here in the South East of England, Bonfire Night is a BIG occasion. Three words. Lewes Bonfire Night!! This is an absolutely massive occasion down in the South East, and well pretty much the biggest Bonfire Night celebration in the country!!

This year at Lewes Bonfire Night 30,000 people turned up on Lewes highstreet to watch the infamous and always impressive procession of the different Bonfire Societies and firework displays. The excitement is forever building up as the 5th November approaches to see which effigies shall be burned in the bonfires and fireworks! One year public numbers rose to 80,000 people at the famous Lewes Bonfire celebrations!


I’ve missed the beauty of fire,
I love Bonfires!

Lewes Bonfire is an immense celebration to attend, yet I think I was brought into the world of bangers and flaming tar barrels a little too early and now I just won’t attend Lewes Bonfire, purely because of the intense crowding and those disturbingly loud bangers! I’ve been a couple of times throughout my life, and don’t get me wrong- it was an amazing event to attend as a South East residing girl myself, but I just can’t deal with the bangers being thrown down. One year I went, an unfortunate woman in front of me had a banger explode on her foot and had to be taken away by Ambulance. That sold me and i’ve not returned since… but I’m going to make a vow right here, right now that Bonfire Night 2014- I shall be attending Lewes Bonfire!! It gives me the excuse to buy some cosy ear muffs, in hope that it’ll drown out the those banging bangers!! I’ve got a year to prepare, and by “prepare” I mean- i’ve got a year of therapy to gear me up for the 5th November 2014!

Don’t get me wrong- I still went to see some fireworks this year (the first firework display I’ve been to in years) and it was magical and I managed (just about) to snap some beautiful photographs!


Lighting up the skies full of color and magic!


Ending the night with a BANG!!

November has definitely been an interesting and fun month! It started off with a visit from my best friend, Sophie who lives up in West Yorkshire! She came and stayed with me for a few days- which was great, as it was the first time meeting her! As part of Sophie’s trip, of course where else would I take her other than the beautiful City of Brighton!!


Busing it to B-town…
Yours truly blogger to the right!

DSLR cameras by our sides, bus tickets in tow- it was Brighton bound for the day! Sophie and I are both heavily into Photography- we couldn’t resist whipping out the fancy camera lenses for the trip! I might add this was Sophie’s first trip to Brighton, I think I was more excited about taking her than she was in seeing Brighton itself!

Who wouldn’t be excited about the photographical sights of Brighton? 

Enjoy the wondrous elements of Brighton ft. my favorite Yorkshire tourist delving into the hidden depths of the City…


Brighton showing off its colorful side
down the North Lanes Ft. Sophie


North Lanes wandering is tiring, could do with a sit down!
How cute and adorable are these chairs?


Luminous Brighton Wheel dreams…

IMG_5088 - Copy

As the sun begins to set,
Brighton comes alive!


Beautifully colorful and unique streets of Brighton.

Rounding off the day with a coffee date in Pret, which was rather fabulous but I had a bit of an over-the-top geek photography moment! Trying to make the “set” all fancy looking! Ultimately it’s a photograph of a coffee cup- but I adore it, and it reminds me of the day spent with my best friend in my favorite City.


Coffee anyone?

I feel so lucky and fortunate about where I live, it’s the fact that I’m only a 5 minute walk down to the beach. Sophie, unfortunately doesn’t have this luxury up in Yorkshire (although I’d love to see the Yorkshire Dales one day) so what better than to take her to my local beach! Classically, we got forced off the beach by intense looking rain clouds which later turned into a thunderous spectacle! Luckily, by this point we’d already made it home and had warmed up with a mug of my famous hot chocolate with mini Marshmallows! (I’m renowned for my hot chocs)


The DM’s and Converse united together!


Fab having a Photographing buddy with me,
capturing the moments in the Sunny South East!!

Not only was Soph’s trip meaningful in terms of finally getting to meet her, but also was meaningful on a personal family level. Whilst Sophie was staying with me, my parents were on a week long holiday in Turkey, as part of an early birthday present to my mum, specially from my dad.

My parents have not been away together in around twenty years, before me and my twin sister were even born (which reminds me, two months today I will be turning  20!!!) So it was very special for them, and also a big deal for not only them, but for me too! Growing up I’ve suffered with attachment issues with my mum, so it was a big deal not having her around for 8 days! But you know what? I did it, I survived when I thought I wouldn’t! Having Sophie down was a massive support whilst my parents were away, in terms of emotional support and comfort. I’m super proud for coping without my parents, whilst they were away I discovered a particularly, strange love for doing the washing and tumble-drying!

After my parents dodgy and bumpy flight home; they were greeted by this little beauty! Another passion of mine is baking, I adore whipping up something magical and yummy in the kitchen!


What a fabulous daughter I am!

So as November comes to an end, it’s time to welcome in December and its festivities that follows through till the end of the year! I love Christmas, but it does come with its stresses and anxieties. Despite this it’s still a lovely time of the year, getting together with my family and following through with the annual Christmas traditions that occur each and every year, without fail! One of these things include our annual Christmas walk over the South Downs on Christmas Eve, I always look forward to this as it’s a good time to spend with my siblings whom in particular my brother, who lives and works in London who I don’t see often. It’s also a fabulous photographical opportunity, what with the stunning views over the rolling hills of the Downs!

Throughout December, there shall be two blogs- my usual monthly blog, which will be full of festive, holiday cheer- but also a separate blog to sum up 2013 as a whole. It’s definitely been a momentous year for me overall. I felt as we say goodbye to 2013 and welcome in the New Year, it’ll be a great opportunity to review the year through this blog, which I get so much pleasure in writing and creating!! Excitingly…

January 2014 also signifies a whole year that i’ve been involved in blogging for Circle of Life Rediscovery through Emma’s Monthly Blog!! 

Have a great December bloggers and have a safe and magical Christmas!

Emma x