Circle of Life Rediscovery recently teamed up with the East Sussex support network for children who come from Foster families. Not the children who have been fostered, but those who are the biological children of the Foster parents. People often don’t realise the issues and problems that arise for these children… Here is how our camp helped them feel supported and positive.

How did it feel being around other children who are in the same situation as you?

It was really nice to spend time with people who understand what you go through.

It was good to spend time with people in the same situation as me, we could talk to each other and I could help them and they could help me, we can share advice.

It’s good to spend time with other kids who foster because you know you’re not alone. You know there are other people with the same feelings and in the same situation as you, going through the same things.

It was nice to be with people who know what you’re going through and understand your feelings.

What did you enjoy about the camp?

I liked being able to run around and just be free.

I liked all of us doing things together and playing games with everyone.

I’ve enjoyed everything. Seeing the animals was a really nice, exciting point of our camp. The tool making was really helpful and the night game was pretty much my highlight of the whole camp!

I’ve never camped before, so this was quite an experience! I got to learn to make a fire and it was great. I loved sleeping outside.

Do you think nature is important?

I think nature is important because trees help us breath, bees take pollen from flowers, and plants help us live as they have lots of useful materials.

Nature is important because animals live here, and imagine if you were an animal, you’d want to have a nice home wouldn’t you.

I think it is important because without it our eco system wouldn’t function – it provides us with food, shelter and fire.