cropped-cropped-cropped-img_549512.jpgLearning with Nature is fittingly described as “A how-to guide to
inspiring children through outdoor games and activities”. Featuring
a foreword from Chris Packham, the book is packed with dozens of
activities and games as well as survival skills and a brief note on
looking after nature.


The activities, some of which are split by season, are varied and
suitable for families of all sizes. We especially enjoyed the Walnut
Boats activity and the Swallow Migration activity, which involves
children simulating the epic journey swallows make with their own
home-made birds.



The games section of the book is perfect for youth groups or schools,
as the majority of games require 4 or more children to play and many
are suitable for groups of 8 or larger.

Learning with Nature is an excellent resource for youth groups or
schools looking for some inspiring ideas for outdoor pursuits. In
terms of activities, the book is great for families, though some of
the games will require your children’s friends to come along!

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