The 1st – 5th October kicked off Circle of Life Rediscovery’s  Forest School and Environmental Education Level 3 training with a group of 14 enthusiastic individuals, ready and eager to learn about the Forest School ethos and more about outdoor learning at Bentley Wildfowl. The group gathered on Monday morning bright eyed and raring to go.

Want to hear their feedback? Here are just some of the responses…

What have you most enjoyed about this training?

Everything! An amazing team of experts, I have learnt so much, skills and about myself.

Did you like the way it was organised?

The organisation was just right in delivering the core elements, with chunks of learning sessions, with periods of reflection and discussion. It was very productive.

What do you think worked well?

The time throughout the week to reflect, question and learn from each other.

How did you find the balance between theory and practice?

A good balance. It was great to get the theory done early in the day as it’s not easy to return to cerebral thinking after playing in the woods!

If you wanted to excite and inspire someone about Forest Schools after this week, how would you complete a sentence starting, “Forest School…”

Ignites your senses of creativity. Forest School gives you time and space to learn new skills, be with nature, and emotionally uplifts your soul.

Can you name/describe briefly 2 or 3 things that ‘lit you up’ this week? How or why did it touch you in that way?

Standing in a young person’s shoes and experiencing the delights and frustrations of trying to make things and learn new skills. The ‘A-HA’ moment of understanding.

What have you learnt about working with young people outdoors that you didn’t know before?

That nature has unlimited potential to educate and nurture.

What have you learnt about the natural world?

That the opportunities for learning, discovering, healing and transformation are even greater than I already thought.

What have you learnt about yourself?

That I CAN do it! That learning by doing is the most powerful way for me to learn deeply.

Any other comments?

I have found this perfect timing for the course. I live such a busy, stressful life and this has given me time to reflect on what I believe to be important. It is a rare opportunity to have the time to be with a group of like-minded people who want to change education for the better.

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