Have I got an abundance and a half of news to share with you all.

Summer is here. College is finished forever and I’ve bagged myself a new job, in one of my all time favourite shops! What could be better? Maybe this is life beginning to look up for me!


perhaps I gazed at these Chinese lanterns long enough for good fortune to come my way

Now that my studies are over, until September 2015, I’ve got some photography projects in mind that I want to pursue. I am particularly fond of candid photography… yes I will be that girl, trying to remain inconspicuous with my camera. But it comes with some anxieties.

I would love to gain the confidence in approaching people and asking their permission if I can take their photograph for any project that I may be doing. I really love and admire the idea of such a natural looking photograph.

Of course subjects that are posed in images are equally beautiful and poignant, but there is something about the mystery of a candid photograph that I love and admire. Purely because, it makes you think.

Photography can be simple. It can be obvious as to what the viewer is looking at. But it’s those photographs that make you stop and think, where you find yourself questioning the reason behind the photograph. That is what I love, and that is something I want to produce more of, throughout my developing skills in Photography.

Due to such little spare time I’ve had over these past few months because of college and exams- my DSLR has been feeling somewhat abandoned. Recently my garden has been my ‘canvas’ to take photographs, but no fears- my garden doesn’t mean that my photographs in this blog post will be anything other than beautiful.


one of my photography life missions accomplished. taking a photo of a Butterfly- check!


can you get any more of a beautiful looking flower?

A particular new subject of photography is becoming more and more appealing to me, as well at the moment. An unlikely candidate really, but when I think about it- it does make sense!

As head baker in my house, I revel in attempting to make my cakes and bakes not only taste delicious, but also making them look aesthetically pleasing on the eye. For years, I’ve been photographing my baked goods, with the plan one day to make my own makeshift recipe book.

In honour of my new found passion of food photography- behold the Almond and Raspberry cake! (do bare with me though… the cake was perfection in taste, but I do need to practice a little more on my photographing of such delights).


too pretty to slice!

I know, it’s very different to what I normally photograph. But I am a big lover of experimenting with different things, and why not combine my love of baking with my love of photography?!

Emma x