Grab your wellies, make that hot chocolate and light that fire because… AUTUMN IS HERE!!

I’m super excited. In my opinion Autumn/Winter are the best seasons out there but hands down, Autumn tops off all the seasons by far. Don’t get me wrong, each season has something unique to give and provide, but overall Autumn just reigns supreme!

Nothing can beat the sights, smells, sounds and colours of this beautiful season. Who doesn’t love taking lazy, long walks through the woods throughout Autumn. Secretly, I know you still kick up the golden, vibrant leaves in your wellies- it’s an irrestible move… and not just something for the kids!

There is something so satisfying as walking through the crunchy, golden leaves on a bright and crisp Autumns day with your family and friends or the Circle of Life gang = EVEN BETTER! I’m already seeing the first signs of Autumnal weather coming along, taking the sceanic route every day to College, you notice the leaves are beginning to change colours from fresh and summery greens to warm, blushing reds and oranges.


Signs of Autumn at College

For me, Autumn is all about the visual elements such as the colours and the scenery that it creates. Of course, being a lover of photography this particular season plays a big part in my photographical passion.

Taking a moment out now from Autumn, I just want to speak about my passion for Photography and the significance it has in my life.


Following the passion since 2008…

Photography, for me is more than just holding down the shutter release and taking a photograph. It’s a complex process for not only my visual awareness but also, of my mental state. As a sufferer of long term mental illnesses (nearing six years now) I’ve tried multiple “distraction techniques” in hope to gain relief from some of my most severe mental health symptoms, such as deep, depressive moods and suicidal ideations.

Out of everything I’ve tried over the years, photography is something that I’ve been continously coming back to time and time again, as frankly for me it’s one of the only things that actually helps me in aiding my recovery with mental health disorders! The best part is combining my love of working with CLR in the woods and mixing it in with Photography- Can’t. Beat. It.

When I was first diagnosed with mental health disorders at 14 years of age in 2008. That summer my mum bought me my first digital camera- having always been eagerly snapping away with my disposable cameras on holidays past (don’t diss- disposable cameras still rock!) Since Summer 2008 my love for Photography has grown and grown by the day, months and years.

Multiple digital compact cameras, iPhones, SLRs, DLRs, and a Polaroid down and ultimately now… I simply CANNOT live without Photography in my life!

I love photography so much that I actually have a black and grey vintage Nikon camera tattoo, on my hip/stomach which I got a year ago, in September 2012. Between you and me, I like to have little “pet names” for my different cameras… this includes my tattoo… *ahem* Betsie.


Camera Love.

There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t take a snapshot of something I love, or a moment in time that I just want to cherish through the lens! Friends know me well enough that if I see something that I love i’ll just photograph it, but they soon then learn that it takes me a while to get the right angle to perfect the photograph! In turn meaning sometimes they’ll just be stood there, waiting a century for me to take the perfect shot! Hey, art takes time!

Keeping in with the theme of Autumn, I’ll include some photographs which I am most proud of. I took these back in Autumn 2012, when on a woodland day with Circle of Life Rediscovery (of course, who else?). It was a brilliant day, despite losing my lens cap (haven’t we all done it?) I adore these photographs and to date they are some of my favourites over the years of being a photographical nerd *self confessed*


Wellies? Check. Autumnal Scenery? Check.


Never thought mushrooms could look so cute!


Makes you feel toasty inside just looking at it.

When we (CAMHS) do our woodland days with Circle of Life, we usually go to Bentley Wildfowl & Motor Musuem, which has the most (utter childish moment) awesome outdoor playground made out of natural wood, which provided me with some beautiful shots! I love the mixture of the dew  sodden wooden swings etc which complimented against the colourful backdrop of the Autumnal leaves. Beautiful. Oh and yes, I did have a childhood moment of swinging on the swings!


Swing and ride through the wonders of life.


Floor level at it’s finest.

There is just something so deeply fascintating about Photography, there are so many genres and photographical interests in and around the world. I honestly believe, everyone should own a camera- you can pick up digital cameras at a fair price these days, yet still create stunning photographs!

It creates a whole new world. Seeing life through a lens. Creating that snapshot in time, a moment which you’ll never get back. Yet a snapshot which’ll last a lifetime. That’s the ultimate beauty of Photography. 

It’s a beautiful passion to have and I’m so thankful to be living in such a stunning location. I look forward to the future in travelling to new places and new countries to discover things I’ve never seen before.

“The world is your oyster” as the saying goes!


Sunshine flooding through the forrest.

Open your eyes, let the light shine through and snap that shutter release! Trust me- you’ll discover something new and look at the world in a completely new light!

Emma x