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On this blog we want to feature some of the people and projects which inspire us. We came across The Secret Garden Outdoor Nursery years ago in a Guardian article about early years education. It’s based in Scotland and the pre-school children spend all day, whatever the weather, outside playing in the woods. The nursery has a lovely website which is worth a look at and Cathy Bache (founder of the nursery) writes eloquently:

“We see the dappled shades of sunlight through the trees that create a mysterious light of opportunity to imagine . . . we hear rustles in the undergrowth that make us think of creatures that may creep up on us, or small animals rushing to their homes underground. With a leap of faith we too rush underground to meet our friends, demons, tunnels of adventures. We can close our eyes and hear the trees leaning and creaking against one another as they’re rocked by the wind, and we too lean against the trunk becoming one with the wind and tree. We feel the sun, the rain, the breeze, the gales rush over our exposed skin, nippy fingers, joyful face. As we crawl, run, quietly walk we become aware of the forest smells: dark and dank, light and ferny, gentle and sweet, each smell transporting us into a different scene: a battle with pirates, a meeting with the fairy queen, a hunt for a tiger, a sleep of a hundred years.”

The nursery seems a very special place with some great teachers sharing their passion for nature and outdoor learning.