Why did you volunteer?

  • For the experience, and I wanted to contribute.
  • I am very interested in conversation. I read about CLR and thought it sounded amazing and worthwhile. I wanted to volunteer for the project. I would like to eventually work in this area, and thought this would be a really good experience.
  • To gain experience working with children.

As a member of staff, what did you most get out of this programme?

  • It has been a quality time. Seeing the young people succeeding and achieving new things was priceless.
  • The course was so exciting, and it was great to be in this social context with the young people, sharing such positive experience with them. The individuals developed themselves and grew into their characters in this setting. The programme was fascinating and just as enjoyable for me as an adult as it was for the children. I really enjoyed learning alongside the group.
  • The positive response and subsequent response in College, as well as the enquiry of some to continue with a similar focus once the programme has stopped.
  • Much better relationships here and at school with the students.
  • Seeing the children enjoying themselves and overcoming fears.
  • Enjoyment of being out in the woods and seeing the difference in the young peoples behaviour.

Did you learn anything new?

  • Yes, other than learning about the trees and fire etc. I also learnt new games, some of which we could learn and use in other situations.
  • Yes. I have learnt how to use different woods and identify them, make medicinal cream, make fire using different techniques, build a kiln, fish and cook on an open fire!
  • Several skills, but particularly fire making!
  • Lots! The use of different woods, berries, leaves, use knives, and how to light fires.
  • Plenty! How to make fires, carve items such as mallets, make charcoal. More awareness of the hedgerow and nature that can be used every day.

Has this experience made you want to spend more time outdoors?

  • I love to be outdoors, and it was a great excuse to be! I learnt a lot about the forest.
  • Yes and appreciate our countryside more, and seeing students in a different environment.
  • I already spend a lot of time in nature.
  • All staff involved were very positive about the experience and have made efforts to continue spending more time outdoors.
  • Most definitely.

Do you think this experience will improve your work prospects? If yes, in what way?

  • Yes, the wide range of topics covered over the six weeks would help to show that I have competencies in various areas, and that I can work well in a small team.
  • Definitely! All good experience and knowledge. Finding employment in the field of outdoor learning is scarce, and work experience is crucial. The more experience the better chances of getting work.
  • Most certainly, because it shows I have gained woodland/bush craft experience while working with young adults.

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