Unit 5: Overview Copy

Welcome to Delivery Unit 5 .

This Unit is all about you as a ‘Leader/Practitioner’ delivering 6 consecutive Forest School sessions  to a group of lucky young people!

You are now building on your Planning and Preparation (Unit 4) Workbook and applying evaluation, observation and reflective practice to your actual sessions.  You are aiming to support the young people’s holistic development through quality time in nature.

Before delivery starts, you need to decide on your criteria for observing 3 children, and developing ways of doing this effectively over the 6 sessions.

Be creative and enjoy the process! Please note BEFORE delivery you need to have in place your Forest School Handbook with all the relevant Health & Safety Protocols and Procedures (see Introduction to Forest School Pilot Sessions).

Useful Documents

  • Loose Parts Play
  • Outdoor Learning Practical Guidance Scotland
  • Out to Play Scotland
  • Tree Stories through the Year
  • Vision 2030 Learning for Sustainability
  • Year 1 – Year 6 Activity Passport DoE 2018