Dr Gill Tipping

Gill Tipping

Dr Gill Tipping is a health psychologist interested in the links between mental health, physical well-being and the restorative power of nature.

Gill’s experience is primarily in research and teaching. Her doctoral research looked at how to empower people to recognise and tap into their own illness stories to facilitate rehabilitation and recovery after a heart attack. Long term research in Viet Nam through the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex looked at Vietnamese women’s ability to access and use primary health care services and the social, cultural, economic and service barriers to getting care when needed. Her research interests have always centred around health and well-being, health care systems and more recently ecopsychology and the links between well-being and the natural environment. Gill studied ecopsychology with the late Dr Martin Jordan.

Gill currently works for the Open University teaching undergraduate modules in psychology and the science of mental health. In addition she works as a distance-learning tutor in Public Health for the LSHTM supervising students with their Master’s dissertation (recent areas supervised are access to health care for refugees in refugee camps in Lebanon; and the public health response to post-natal depression in Middle Eastern countries).

Gill has collaborated with Marina since the inception of Circle of Life Rediscovery and finds her own interests and passions centring more and more around our personal and political relationship with nature.

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