Lisa Glysen

Lisa Glysen left the corporate world of IT and began her own business in the natural health and nutrition industry. She has studied widely in the fields of communication, self improvement and personal development. Her skill set ranges from project management to marketing and especially team building and leadership training.

Her interest in children first led her to mentor youth at risk in Oxfordshire. Lisa later participated in the Rediscovery International Youth Traineeship Programme with fellow Director Marina Robb in 2003 and Wilderness Training with the Rediscovery Foundation in Canada. She assisted with the Rediscovery pilot programme and in 2004 became Director of CLR.

Circle of Life Rediscovery is proudly affiliated with the Resdiscovery Foundation

In Mauritius, she was a volunteer at the local orphanage for many years. Her passion for training and sustainability also led her to participate in a Global Dialogues initiative delivering transformational sessions on Education for Sustainability and Visioning a Better World to both adults and children.

Lisa is married with two daughters; one adopted from China, the other adopted from Mauritius. She prescribes to Self-Directed Education and has coordinated several homeschool initiatives in her community.

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