Marie Helene Dalila Boyle

Marie-Helene Dalila-Boyle

Marie-Helene Dalila-Boyle is a transpersonal integrative psychotherapist registered with the BACP. She has a private practice near Lewes. She has been working with clients with a wide range of issues since 1990 and she is now working in nature inspired by the wild therapy movement. Marie-Hélène’s unique approach combines her training in psychotherapy with the indigenous wisdom of the many teachers she has worked with for many years. She is also a volunteer counsellor for her local hospice and works with bereaved clients as well as terminal ill patients. She facilitates workshops for women with the underlying theme of self-acceptance and self-esteem.

Marie-Helene’s gift is being able to hold gentle and safe spaces where clients/participants can dive into their essence and bring forth lasting transformation. For the past 10 years she has been a joint caretaker of woodlands where a family camp takes place every summer. Friends and family members experience deep connection with nature, themselves and learn to live in community over 10 days. Recently the woodlands have been attracting a variety of activities such as home educated groups, forest schools and community woodland management.

Marie-Helene is a grand-mother and is deeply committed to inspire young people to spend more and more time in nature. She is completing a Forest School training with Circle of Life Rediscovery.

Marie-Helene has pursued a long life time work of supporting young people with special needs. For the past two years, she has been involved at CLR with CAMHS and FISS projects in creating opportunities for young people with physical and emotional challenges and their families to spend time in a nature and learn outdoors skills.

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