We have just reached the end of our 5 week Forest School Programme with the Year 3 and 4 classes at Ringmer Primary School. It has been an action packed course filled with exploring, playing and learning. The excitable children became one with nature and explored every inch of the ‘Wild Area’ which became Forest School’s home.

“I was brave today, and learnt to overcome my fear of fire.”

Each new activity was greeted by a wave of enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge. We watched them grow physically and mentally and adapt to learning in an outdoor setting. They developed fine motor skills using palm drills to make holes in sycamore discs, making beads from elder wood and using fire splints. And enhanced their gross motor movements climbing trees, using bow saws, and building dens.

“Today was the best day of my life!… Apart from the rain!”

They developed their knowledge of movement, making stickmen, thinking careful about how many sticks should be in the arms and the legs, and then observing how these parts moved. And learnt about animals and habitats, creating woodland creatures from pine cones and surrounding objects such as feathers, leaves and twigs. They then challenged themselves to think; what might my woodland creature eat? Where would they live? Why would they live there?

“I learnt not to kill animals, how to be kind to them and respect them.”

It was an unforgettable 5 weeks, watching the children grow in confidence, self-esteem and build closer friendships with their classmates.

“My favourite thing was seeing your faces this morning!”