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Using Knives & Secateurs

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In this video I am going to show you how to use secateurs and knives for some simple whittling. We will take another look at the ratios you may need to think about when using knives and other tools with children as well as revisiting some typical woods for whittling.

In this video we go through our ‘knife protocol’. We want to draw your attention to the introduction to this module and for you to take time to consider again how your staff, group and individuals are in relation to the following 4 main categories of skills and understanding.

Strength & Stamina – how much a child applies and adjusts force; their grip to secure items and their ability to sustain movement and effort. The second is Dexterity & Co-ordination – this includes hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, accuracy and efficiency and 3D manipulation. The third is General Safety including awareness of self and others and finally Tool Design, Maintenance and Law. This includes knowledge of tool function and design and how this applies to its use, legalities of tool use, cleaning and maintenance.

These 4 categories help you to think through the support you and your group may need when using knives. Always follow your risk benefit assessment in relation to your control measures, and model the behaviour you expect from your children. They will always follow what you do!