Unit 5: Introduction to Forest School Pilot Sessions Copy

Your 6 sessions for your Forest School Introductory Sessions is the practical delivery of what you have been learning about during the training!  We have provided you with a ‘Key steps for Training and Guidance for Delivery’ document to help you.

We don’t usually come and visit you on site. Instead we ask you to find an appropriate ‘mentor’ who is usually in your organisation, who will read through your documents in advance and visit you on site at least once during your 6 sessions.  The ‘Delivery Observer Assessment Sheet’ is provided for your ‘mentor’ as a checklist during the session they observe.

The ‘Setting up a Forest School’ documents also gives you a useful list of things to consider in preparation for your programmes.

Key point before your 6 Introductory Sessions:
1. You must have completed your Forest School Handbook that contains your Policies and procedures (even though this hasn’t been marked by us).
2. Risk assessments for the 6 sessions (site and relevant activities/age group).
3. Planning overview for 6 sessions – though this would be developed weekly based on your observations and evaluation
4. Insurance cover – this must be in place with by you or the organisation you are working with.
5. First Aid – you or someone you are working with during the session but have the appropriate First Aid qualification and kit with you.
6. Emergency plan
7. A suitable Observer to come and see you work for one session – this person should be able to see your documents in advance of the session so that they are able to comment effectively on your paperwork and your Forest School approach.