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Certificate in Nature-based Practice

If you’re thinking about taking groups of people, young and old, outdoors in 2022, then the Certificate in Nature-Based Practice is the best place to start your training.

It’s a big decision to invest in an online training course. You want to be sure it is worth your time.

So today, I’m going to answer some of your questions:

Do I need experience of working with people outdoors?

No, this training has been created to enable you to take your practice into the outdoors.  You don’t need any prior experience of doing this. However, practitioners are expected to have experience of working with individuals or groups in a professional capacity.

Is this a recognised qualification?

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No.  This professional training has been developed by experienced practitioners to provide comprehensive theoretical and practical training.  We are a recommended training provider of Nature-based Practice by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Is there coursework? How long will this take and how long do we have to complete it?

There is no theoretical coursework that needs to be produced.  We do expect all practitioners to deliver 3 sessions as part of the training.  This also enables us to provide group reflective practice in relation to delivering outdoor sessions.

What makes this course different to other courses?

First, you’ll get the opportunity to sit down with leading outdoor practitioners in England and get answers to all your pressing questions.

Then you’ll get to experience what it’s like taking part in the various activities and experience the nuances and dynamics of working in groups outdoors.

After that, you’ll experience first-hand what it’s like to run sessions. Plus, you’ll get helpful feedback.

Better still, you’ll get the opportunity to meet and make connections with other people like you who want to incorporate nature-based initiatives into the way they work.

How do we organise our 3 sessions, do you help with this?

Running your sessions is a core element of the training.  We spend significant time individually and as a group looking and different session models and developing your own practice.  We are available to support you to find an appropriate group and place for your sessions.

What if I work in an urban environment?

Whether you work in urban or more rural spaces, training gives you guidance in how to access green spaces.    It is critical that access to green spaces is made possible in urban environments.

How will this benefit myself, my practice, and my clients?


Working in natural spaces significantly boost health and wellbeing (White et al 2019).  Spending quality time in nature will bring you a renewed sense of aliveness.

This training will be practice-based and give opportunity to directly experience a range of nature-based skills and meet our multisensory therapeutic needs.   By the end of the training you will be able to take your practice safely outdoors.

What does the course include?

  • Four days direct training: (2 parts: 3 days; 1 day (post-delivery)
  • Plan and deliver three sessions in a green space
  • Comprehensive nature-based practitioner manual
  • 6 webinars
  • Access to an online portal for additional resources
  • Group supervision for delivery of sessions and your specific field of practice
  • Reflective diary: showing evidence of reflections during the course and home-based study

The course also covers all the practicalities of taking sessions outside from risk assessments, boundary setting through to clothing and setting expectations and more!

Bonus Feature

Join the Certificate in Nature-based Practice and you will also gain free access to The Outdoor Teacher’s Forest School Activities Online Training Course taught by Circle of Life Rediscovery founder, author, and trainer Marina Robb. This includes over 100 videos and resources with step by step instructions.

Who are the course tutors?

All Circle of Life Rediscovery tutors have a background in education and sustainable schools. Also, knowledge and experience of nature connection, nature-centric models, the curriculum and the natural world.
Marina Robb
Marina Robb (Bsc; PGCE; MA; Msc; Author) is Founder and Managing Director of Circle of Life Rediscovery CIC and The Outdoor Teacher Ltd, both leading organisations that aim to transform education and health through nature. She is co-author of ‘Learning with Nature’, considered a must-have book for Forest School & Outdoor practitioners and ‘The Essential Guide to Forest School and Nature Pedagogy’.
Marina has more than 30 years experience in outdoor learning and nature connection. She provides a deep understanding of effective nature education at all levels and for a range of diverse backgrounds.
jon cree
Jon Cree’s passion is reconnecting people of all ages to the natural world with a view to facilitating more compassionate relationships in communities. Jon has been involved with outdoor natural world learning for over 40 years and in that time worked with many young people, especially teenagers challenged by our education system.
Jon has also coordinated the Forest School and environmental education training programme at Bishops Wood Centre for 20 years as well as being the founding founding chair of the Forest School Association.

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