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 Forest School Training Level 3 – Online Resources

Welcome to our online resources that will support your learning both during the practical training and the home study.

This training will prepare you to learn practical skills and knowledge to work as a Forest School Leader.  It consists of 5 Units (see below). Each Unit has a series of Sections that provide you with downloadable material, as well as any class presentations and/or video material, relevant documents and a Unit Overview.

The Unit Overview contains your assessment WORKBOOKS and the OCNWMR Unit Learning Outcomes, as well as useful information to read and apply to your answers within each workbook. All that we expect when you arrive at the practical training is for you to have printed out your UNIT 1 Workbook.

It will however really help your learning experience if you go take some time to look at all the Unit Overview Sections (Units 1 to 5) and read through the Unit workbooks and OCNWMR Learning Outcomes documents. This will provide you with the thinking behind the training and details of what you as a practitioner are expected to know as outcomes of both the practical training and your own home study.

As an organisation, we ask you to read our Policies and Procedures which you can download and read at your leisure from the links in the green box.

In addition you can access our Reading List Material. You are not required to read or buy any of these books unless you want to!

In order to have ‘completed’ the Units, the online system requires that you click on every section. You are able to return to any section or document at any time, and able to VIEW or download them.

Now you are ready to begin!