Indigenous Ceremony

can cure modern “Dis-ease”

People from all walks of life are becoming more aware that we are trapped in an ever darkening shadow of modern life. From the time of our birth we’ve been program to disconnect from what is truly important and fulfilling in life. Our childhood education institutions take us out of nature and guide us to suppress our true selves, ensuring that we fit the societal mold. We learn from a system which ensures diminished creativity, vitality, and fulfillment – we are taught that material gain is more important. Through this process we become slaves to a system that is unsustainable and highly destructive. Many of us have grown up to work at faceless jobs perusing elusive fulfillment; grasping for comfort of the material world only to find the gratification is temporary. I frequently hear statements about how we all seem to be stuck in endless pattern which appear hopeless. This is a system of disconnection.

All we want is true connection and love but it’s so elusive! We are all searching for fulfillment and peace, but where to begin? Without guidance to show us the way we often become obsessed with fleeting distractions in a futile attempt to satiate the hunger inside our heart. The internal tension of a disconnected life build to the point where we then seek the momentary desires of the flesh; substance abuse, over indulgence, materialism, unhealthy sexual relationships, violence, and apathy. Even our most precious relationships have become fractured and true communal association is a distant memory. Who of us are free from this pattern?

The external world mirrors the tension and conflict inside of us. All across the Earth wars continue to rage and the natural environment appears to be on the verge of collapse. Governments are failing and religious institution’s corruption is being revealed. The sun appears to be setting on the human experience.

The question for those who have the strength to stand against this madness is “what can we do?” Somewhere in our distant past we have misplaced the knowledge of what it means to be a connected human being. The conditioning to seek fulfillment from external sources, never looking too deeply within for fear of what we might find runs deep in our consciousness. This has led us to a confused state of awareness where our hearts and minds are not united as one. Our feelings and thoughts are divided and great conflicts rage in us.

This internal tension is forcing us to become aware of our past – of how we got to this place of conflict with ourselves, each other, and the natural world. We are awakening out of a pronounced darkness; a dreadful dream that has lasted generations. Throughout this long nightmare the true gifts of nature and the spirit were hunted and destroyed. Ancient cultures that walked in the light were targeted; their peoples met genocide, enslavement and colonization. One by one the free people of the world were divided and subjugated. Many of the cultural keepers, the elders, Holy people, and healers were eliminated. These ancient cultures had to adapt or face extension. We are the great-great grandchildren of those who survived.

Fortunately not all the people of light were destroyed or defeated. Many of the Native American tribes were able to protect what they held most sacred. They resisted the darkness and struggled against the overwhelming odds. They held onto their relationship with the Earth, with each other, and with their authentic self. The Holy people and cultural faith keepers were able to protect their natural connections by taking the knowledge underground, hiding it from the searching darkness. Within the indigenous ceremonies this knowledge was place and protected – the ceremonies of Advanced Connection.

Passed down for generations of indigenous healers, these transformative and re-connective techniques have remained in hiding until recently. From the Native American traditions of the Lakota Sioux the universal ceremonies have been re-introduced to the modern world. The ceremonies of Inipi (sweat lodge), Hembliciya (vision quest), Can Cega (drum), and Canumpa (sacred pipe) have been taught to select individuals of the modern society to help bring about the great healing that we so desperately need.

These Advanced Connection Practices are returning to the people of the world – now is the time for healing. As the darkness recedes and the patterns of trauma and disconnection are revealed we finally have to opportunity to transform and become healthy once more. We CAN have fulfilling lives of connection and love! We can heal the grief of the past and move towards a bright future of love, peace, and purpose.

It is time to look deep within and find the wellspring of life. It is time to face our fears and wipe away the pain and trauma of disconnection. It is time to remember our ancestors. And it is time to make this world a better place for the generations yet to come. It is time for the Advanced Connection Practices.

Salvatore Gencarelle is a traditionally trained facilitator of Advanced Connection Practices. He was mentored by a Native American healer from the Oglala Sioux Tribe. Salvatore Gencarelle went through an intensive mentoring period that required both dedication and sacrifice for 17 years as a ceremonial guide, creator, singer. It was through this process he earned the responsibility to pass these teachings on.

Life Within course – Salvatore is currently offering a course teaching about the purification rite called the Inipi (sweat lodge). Through this course the participants will go on their own healing journey and have the opportunity to become competent facilitators of this Advanced Connection Practice. For more information please contact:

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