We spent the weekend in the woods at Bentley, running a stall to let people know what Circle of Life Rediscovery is up to. The woodland has never seen so many people on the glorious sunny Saturday! It was thriving and the atmosphere was wonderful. We sat around a campfire making teas and coffees for visitors, talking about our woodland programs, forest school agendas, outdoor education and the ethos of Circle of Life. Children came and sat, mesmerized by the fire, and learnt Bush craft skills which involved foraging. Everyone ended up with a beautiful dream-catcher!

We ran an activity where we asked people to write what they thought was pants about being indoors, and tops about being outdoors. These were then hung on our washing line! Here are some of the best quotes:

What’s pants about being indoors?

  • No fresh air or Vitamin D.
  • Too claustrophobic inside!

Whats tops about being in nature and the outdoors?

  • Climbing trees and fresh air.
  • You’re free, in a big open space.
  • I feel alive


We start our Forest School training at Bentley on Monday!